Elder Law

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“Today’s aging clients face challenges that past-generations rarely had to face: Never before have there been so many people reaching advanced ages with so many needs and so many difficult choices to make. Family wealth may be jeopardized, dignity and choice of care is wide-ranging but may be limited, and government programs require strict adherence to income and asset limitations in order to qualify for Medicaid and other programs.

This myriad of choices and limitations is best navigated by attorneys familiar with Elder Law Planning: Medicaid Trusts, Promissory Notes, Pooled Trusts, and other legal vehicles are not documents most people should attempt to draft and implement. Every month that transfers are not made properly can drain family resources, each inappropriate choice of home health aide or care provider may lead to depression, any missed opportunity can evolve into the primary caregiver’s continuing frustration.

Do not try to handle these matters alone: Every missed opportunity and additional month can cost thousands of dollars of family wealth. Get help.”

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